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Melbournes Handiest Handymen.

Hardworking, multi-skilled tradesmen, turned problem solving handymen, simply one call away. Based in Melbournes suburb of Cheltenham, we predominantly provide handyman services to the South & Eastern suburbs.

Our home maintenance services span a broad list of skills to help make your house, your home. To name a few, we do tiling, carpentry work, doors, rotten floor repairs, repair broken wall accessories, install TV mounts, literally, the list will just keep going, so there’s a good chance we can help you out.

Tell us how we can help you repair or build what’s important to you.

Building our dreams, by repairing yours.

We are a small team of very capable, over-qualified Handymen, available at your disposal, when you need us. We like to see ourselves as the Guardians of a flawlessly working home. What ever the need, you can count on us to make you our highest priority.

Taking care of a variety of handyman jobs, some of those are:
  • Fixing damaged items around the home
  • Building flatpack furniture
  • Setting up audiovisual HIFI systems
  • Building decks
  • Retaining walls
  • Landscaping & gardening
Count on our team for a reliable, capable handyman service for your home.

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Melbournes Handiest Handymen

Handyman services in Oakleigh


We understand that not everybody wants to get their hands dirty with home maintenance, even if they know what needs doing. We’re no stranger to doing these ‘fun’ jobs!

Afterall, it’s all about character building right?

We’ll be able to fix the issue you’re having, or know the right person for it.

Home maintenance & repairs Victoria


As qualified carpenters, we are also able to build many items in and around your house, including building hardwood deckings, fences, pagolas etc.

We love to celebrate a job well done, and we love building beautiful decks, making your house more homely.

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Landscape & Garden

If you’re looking to give your gardens a big makeover, and either remove everything and start again, or just like to alter the scenic landscape of your backyard get-away, we’d love to help you acheive that new fresh look!

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