A Guide To Perfectly Aligned Wall Art

Small details can make a massive difference. This is certainly true when it comes to interior decoration. Hanging wall art is a good way to make a plain vertical space come alive but you have to be careful when doing it. Plenty of homes suffer from messy execution. The tiniest misalignment can lead to an alloying imbalance that can be difficult to correct. Using an odd number of frames make it easier to hide flaws and create a stunning effect.

Follow these steps to have perfectly aligned wall art:

The exact number of pictures is not important. The main thing is to ensure that all of these are on the same level and that none of them is noticeably breaking out of formation.

Start with one picture instead of trying to work on all of them at the same time. Make sure that you find a good spot for it. This will set the tone for the whole project.

Since the pictures are mean to be seen, they should ideally be placed at eye level. Going too low or too high will defeat the purpose of their display. Stand near the wall and take measurements to be sure. The ideal height will depend on your own eye level. It would be prudent to focus on the center picture then work your way to the sides.

The frames should all hang from the same height if they are of the same size. If you get this wrong, then you will have to tweak the anchor points later to match them up.

The best way to guarantee that they will be on the right height is to take measurements from the ground to the bottom of the center frame. This will be the reference point for the next frames. Of course, you can always choose to hang them lower of higher depending on your intended effect.

After the proper height has been determined, use a pencil to mark the spot on the wall. It should be easy to erase it once you are done with the whole thing. If you want something that is more visible, then consider painter’s tape which can be pealed without worrying about any residue.

Once the first picture is in place, replicate the measurement from the ground to the height that you wish to put the next one. Mark this line with your preferred instrument. Another thing you should measure is the distance between the pictures. Consider the furnishings on that side of the house. Space them out in such a way as to make things look balanced.

Furniture and décor should be avoided. The frames should not touch the couch, vases, lampshades, and other household items. Visualize how everything will look before deciding on the height and spacing.

Another trick that you should pick up is the use of a level. This carpenter’s tool has straight edges and an indicator that will tell you if your line is perfectly horizontal to the ground or not.

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Enjoy having done it right!

With these steps, you should be able to hang three or even more pictures in a perfectly aligned row. Your guests will be impressed and you will be pleased with your own work. If you need assistance with home improvement projects, then call a handyman for immediate service.

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