How To Fix A Sliding Screen Door That Sticks

A screen door that sticks when you are trying to close it can be a nuisance, and you may even end up having to replace the door completely if parts wear out or break. Ideally, you should be able to operate any screen doors in your home with just one hand, and the gliding motion should be smooth. However, many screen doors just won’t open or close smoothly and here at The Handyman Co we have some useful tips if you are having that problem. Following these tips means you can enjoy the great weather, and not have to struggle with your door every time you slide it open or closed.

What steps to take to fix your sliding door?

1) Cleaning the Track

Pet hair, dust and all sorts of other debris can collect in the track, making it dirty and clogged up and of course, making it so the door won’t slide smoothly. If you are having trouble with your sliding screen door, this should be the first thing you check. Scrubbing the track gently using a stiff brush and vacuuming using the crevice tool on your vacuum can often fix the problem.

2) Straighten the Frame

Repeated use often means the lightweight metal frame around the screen door can bend or warp. You’ll need to remove the door from its track to check whether the door is bowed or warped, and that can be done easily by lifting the door carefully off the track and then pulling it towards you, to free it from the frame.

3) Adjust the Tension

The tension on the wheels can be adjusted by turning the small screws which are on the top or bottom of your door, near the wheels. In effect, turning the screws in a clockwise direction actually raises the door slightly, and you can also lower the door by turning the screws counterclockwise.

4) Replace the Wheels Or Spring Load

Once you have removed the door by following the directions above, you are able to replace a broken spring load or wheels. The wheels can be eased out carefully using a small screwdriver, and your local home improvement store should carry replacement wheels that fit your screen door. If the spring load is broken, it’s sometimes possible to drill the rivets out and then put in a replacement part. Be sure to clean out the tracks before replacing any parts and putting your door back together.

Fixing a Swinging Screen Door

Dust, dirt and insects will end up in your home if your swinging door doesn’t close all the way, and if that sounds like yours, these tips from Mr. Handyman can help you.

1) Find the Problem

Before you come up with a solution, you need to know where exactly the door is sticking to prevent it fully closing. Tightening the hinges on the bottom, middle or top of the door and the frame can solve the problem if the door’s edge is rubbing against the frame.

2) Remove Excess Material

Removing thin layers of wood from the part of the door that’s causing the problem is easy with a wood plane, once the door is off its hinges. But be careful – you will have the problem of a loose door if you take off too much excess wood.

3) Check Your Door’s Pneumatic Closer

It’s easy to replace the pneumatic closer on your door if it’s this component that is causing the door to not close fully. If the closer isn’t pulling the door all the way closed, it just may not be working as it should; it’s purpose is to keep the door locked when open and to stop the door from being slammed closed.

If your door isn’t working as it should and you need help or it’s time to replace it, or you need help with another project inside or outside your home, call your local Handyman company in Melbourne for expert and friendly advice, on 1800 411 811.

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