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Handyman services for your piece of mind.

The word handyman encapulates many many skills over many areas, personally, we just like to refer to ourselves as ‘Handy Problem Solvers’. As this is often what the job entails, not just fixing something, but working out the most efficient way to do so, where possibe, without throwing in the towel and having to replace something.

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General Handyman Services

Whether it’s replacing the toilet seat, changing globes in hard to get places or repairing broken concrete, our general handyman problem solving services cover a myriad jobs that you may need tending to.

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Handy Carpentry Services

Knowing a good carpenter these days is almost imperative, luckily we can help out. If you were after building or repairing a timber deck for your backyard, or simply fixing a sticky wooden door, our team can handle all these things with ease.

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Flat Pack Furniture

Building flatpack furniture can get frustrating, we would know, some of our team has been doing this (for fun) since their childhood, and just have a natural gift at seeing how all these modern day complex pieces go together.

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Muscle For Hire

Sometimes all you need is a strong young fella to bring around his muscle and help out around the house. This is nothing new for the team, who often lift things freely at the gym, after lifting or moving things all day long. So, if you just want to move furniture around the house or remove heavy objects, you won’t hear any objections from our team!

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Paint Touch-ups

Sometimes paintwork can grow old, crack and fall off, ocasionally furniture that has been painted can be damaged, so you’ll need someone who can do both woodwork and paint, luckily with the right touch, it can be fixed up in a jiffy, just ask us how.

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Retail Handyman Services

Got a retail store that requires some handyman TLC? Our team is tight on presentation and great with people, so having us out on the floor will be as painless as is possible.

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Rubbish Removal

Got a load of rubbish that just simply needs to be away from your home? We’re happy to bring in the muscle to get it cleaned up and removed from your property, back to the depths it came from.

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Hang flatscreen TV

AV Setups

Our team is not only handy with the tools, but also quite versatile with electrics, keeping up with modern day Audio Visual setups. If you’ve got the goods for a brand new home theatre system, and need as much as the whole thing setup, we’re here for you.

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Restoration Services

Whether it’s your grandmothers favourite rocking chair, or an old piece of furniture you aren’t willing to let go of, we can help breathe life into it, and bring it back to as good as condition as is humanly possible.

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