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AV Setups

Our team is not only handy with the tools, but we’re also well-versed in the world of audio visual setup. We love keeping up with modern day electronics; in fact you could say it’s a hobby! If you’ve got the goods for a brand new home theatre system and you need an audio visual setup service, we’re your guys!

Often setup involves more than just plugging cables that fit into the right plug holes. With all of the new styles of beautiful lounge rooms these days, the minimalist look is the rage at the moment. Having a flat screen TV mounted to the wall with all wiring hidden inside the wall is a great look. After all, it means no unsightly cables everywhere to trip over or for the dogs to chew.

Our team is more than capable of creating that perfect minimalist, relaxation area for you. We are happy to work with new builds, or even to modify your existing room. Our skills are not limited to home theatres; we’ve built recording studios in garages and basements too! This means we have experience with high-end audio equipment and soundproofing. Contact us today about your audio visual setup service needs!

The ‘Handy’ Tip:

Pre-plan your cabling during construction! It’s far cheaper to get wiring done before walls are put in. And always remember, if you are bundling lots of cables together, label them. You’ll thank us later!

Our Happy Customers