Flat Pack Furniture

Building flatpack furniture can get frustrating, we would know, some of our team has been doing this (for fun) since their childhood, and just have a natural gift at seeing how all these modern day complex pieces go together.

furniture assembly Melbourne

Ikea used to be renowned for pumping out easy to piece together furniture, that would always come with at least most of the pieces needed to put it together. However, with research and design being pushed to the limits and consumer demand for this kind of cheap but beautiful furniture, the envelope has been pushed to a whole new level. Suddenly, like computing, if you didn’t keep up with the changes, you will likely find yourself lost in the world of nuts and bolts, pulling your hair out, wishing you’d made the call of the Handyman earlier.

Luckily, being the natural born problem solvers we are, this is a normally a walk in the park for us (yes, yes… Sometimes even we still scratch our heads from time to time!) But, we always manage to find a way around even the strangest furniture constructions.

If you’ve looked at the instructions with ‘that look’ on your face, save yourself some time and hassle, and jump to the contact page now. Help is only one phone call away!

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