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Flat Pack Furniture

Building flat pack furniture can get incredibly frustrating. How many times have you opened up a flat pack, looked at the instructions and just blanked out? Plus, half the parts are usually missing! Luckily some of our team members actually enjoy building flat packs and have been doing them for fun since childhood. It’s just like Lego for big kids! They seem to have a natural gift for seeing how these modern-day complex pieces go together.

Ikea used to be renowned for their easy-to-build furniture that didn’t need complex tools, and didn’t contain lots of pieces. However, with the increase in consumer demand for cheap yet beautifully designed furniture, the construction envelope has been pushed to a whole new level. If you’re not savvy with diagrams or know your way around the tools, you might end up struggling!

That’s when you call the professionals.

Being the natural-born problem-solvers we are, building flat pack furniture designs are a walk in the park. Sure sometimes even we still scratch our heads over the odd one here or there, but we always manage to find a way around even the strangest assemblies.

If you’ve looked at the instructions with ‘that look’ on your face, save yourself some time and hassle and jump to the contact page now. Friendly, judgement-free help is only one phone call away!

Our Happy Customers