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General Handyman Services

It can be difficult to categorise what constitutes a general handyman service, but you should never feel ashamed to give us a call and find out if it’s a service we can provide you. We don’t judge your requests ever! Everyone has things that they’re not comfortable or confident in doing themselves, and that’s precisely why we’re here for you. Our team will solve whatever problem you have, no matter the size. In fact, we have tradespeople from all different backgrounds for this very reason.

General services can include things like the following:
– Replacing toilet seats
– Changing tap hardware or door/cupboard handles
– Replacing light globes (even in hard to reach places)
– Repairing broken concrete (including ledges, paths or steps)
– Fixing misaligned doors (including garage doors, regular hinged doors or sliding doors)

People call in all the time requesting that we fix all kinds of broken things, from rotten windows to retaining walls. Sometimes we’re asked to to remove windows entirely. Just this alone can involve any number of variables that would mean unique approaches to every job. Very often we come across things we’ve not seen before, and that’s all part of our every day job. We swiftly come up with a plan utilizing stringent principles with our approach to repairs, maintenance and building, and between our handy team we come up with the most economical method to mend every problem in your home. We not only fix up your initial request, but we’ll fix the underlying causes alleviating current and future headaches it may cause you!

Our Happy Customers