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Rubbish Removal

Got a load of rubbish that just simply needs to be away from your home? We’re happy to bring in the muscle to get it cleaned up and removed from your property, back to the depths it came from.

Often, when we’ve been living somewhere for a few years, without actively keeping on top of it, things always seem to accumulate, to the point where you are left scratching your head, wondering to yourself “Where did all this crap come from??”.

Fear not, because our super handymen will be more than happy to sweep your house for old junk to trash. Our regular local council provided bins are just not enough for years of accumulated trash, so hauling it away and dumping it at the nearest tip refuse is the best approach. We seem to be down there quite regularly throwing away old building materials that are no longer recyclable, so why not get us to bring yours along for the ride!

Our Happy Customers