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Window Frame Repairs

Are your windows irritating you? Are they sticking, or perhaps rotten through?

The Handyman Co are accomplished window repairers, as you would expect from anyone with a highly versatile carpentry background.

Utilizing our problem solving capabilities, bringing new life back to old windows is something we do quite regularly, whether its a wooden window frame that, over time the wood has expanded or contracted in size to no longer slide open or closed, like it once did. Or maybe the window has become so completely rotten that it no longer keeps the bad weather on the outside of the window, creating an unwanted water feature in your home.

Melbourne window repair

Regardless of what the home maintenance issue is with your damaged window or window sill, our epic handyman team will be able to brainstorm the best most economical solution to get you back a working window.

Sticky windows can be an easy fix, usually meaning we will just take the window frame out, and use our cordless plane to give the window the space it now needs to slide easily within the frame, in which it lives.

Rotten windows can be a fun one, if you don’t leave it too late, we can remove the rotten wood from your window, treat the remaining solid wood with a wood hardening rot treatment, then build your window back up with builders bog (I often describe this stuff to be as strong as concrete). It’s also quite resistant to water, so you’ll likely not see it rot anytime, if ever. We then contour the builders bog to mimic the shape of the original wood, sand it back, and prepare for the final finish.

Whilst this isn’t as quick as planning a frame down, it’s still the best method to restore an existing, but damaged window or window frame, without having to replace the entire thing. But remember, a stick in time saves nine. The longer you leave the rot, the more it will end up costing to fix it. We’ve had some pretty large rebuilds of windows around Melbourne, that people have opted to fix instead of replace (in the latter stages of it rotting), however, by this stage, it only ads a few extra years of life, best case scenario.

After all the fixes are done on your window, to put the cherry on top, we can paint match the colour of your windows and finish it off properly, so unless you are looking at it under a highly magnified lens, you won’t ever know that any house maintenance had been previously performed on it.

Our Happy Customers