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What You Need To Know About Staining A Previously Stained Deck

Nothing is going to add as much character and warmth to your outdoor area as a deck that’s been beautifully stained. But, how long deck staining actually lasts is a dependent upon a variety of factors. Application, exposure, climate, the quality of the materials used, and general wear can all have an impact on the length of time that the exterior stain job lasts, which is typically between five and 15 years. If your deck has to be updated and if you’re thinking about staining a deck that has been stained before, you can ensure the success of these efforts by simply knowing what to expect prior to starting. Keep reading to get helpful tips and tricks from the seasoned pros at Mr. Handyman, and to optimize this home improvement project and ensure your satisfaction with the results.

Step One: Getting Readyhow to maintain a deck

Inspect your deck to determine whether repairs are needed before any staining is done. This is a good time to determine whether you want to use the exact same color to stain your deck or if you want to replace the current stain with a lighter or darker hue. No matter what color you decide upon, you will have to properly prepare the deck surface for good adhesion. Depending upon how large your deck is, you can choose to hand-scrub its surface or use power-washing equipment.

Working With A Power Washer

For maintenance purposes, many power washers have built-in detergent feeds. Fill this container with a quality deck-cleaning solution that adheres to the cleaning instructions from the manufacturer. This way, all mildew, dirt and stains can be removed entirely.

Cleaning Your Deck Manually

Mix water and a quality deck cleaner as per the manufacturer’s instructions and then apply this mixture with a stiff brush. Clean the deck in modest, manageable sections and fully rinse each section with water after cleaning it.

Irrespective of the method you opt to use, you will have to let the wood dry fully before applying any stain. One to two days of drying time is usually sufficient for water-based stains, but if you’ve chosen to use a stain that’s oil-based, your deck will need about three days of dry weather first.

Step Two: Selecting A Stainhow to restain a deck

Stain for exterior wood is offered as either a solid or semi-transparent finish, and the type that you use will be dependent upon what your deck already has. Semi-transparent stains let the natural beauty of the deck wood stand out, while solid stain tends to be opaque. When applying new stain on top of an existing coat, it’s essential to choose the right one according to the finish. If the stain that’s currently on your deck is:

Light: Use the same color or a darker-colored stain with no extra preparation necessary.

Dark: If you intend to apply a lighter color, you’ll have to remove the existing stain by sanding the wood first.

Semi-transparent: Cover the current stain with either solid or semi-transparent stain.

Solid: You will have to use another solid finish in these applications given that semi-transparent stains are made to bind directly to the wood surface and will not bind effectively to any solid surface.

Step Three: Applying Your Stain

Start by applying a very modest amount of stain in an inconspicuous area. This will allow you to test adhesion. If your deck currently has a protective finish, the stain is not going to adhere and thus, you’ll have to begin by removing the finish first.

Tips For A Flawless Stain Application

You can get expert handyman support for all of your indoor and outdoor work along with truly superior deck staining services. Get in touch with us now by calling 1800 411 811 to set up your deck maintenance call out.

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