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Which Renovations Will Help You Get Maximum Returns On The Sale Of Your House?

Not all renovations will help you gain huge profits on the sale of your property. You may never recover what you spend in some of the renovation projects. What are the best projects that will add value to your home and give maximum returns?

Street appeal

Renovations that enhance the street appeal of a home should be among the renovation projects everyone who needs to resell property should consider. It aims to maximize the number of potential buyers who will be enticed by the appearance of the property. Renovating the garage, modernizing cladding materials and colors is a nice way to start.

The front door is an essential element in the street appeal. Replacing an old door with a stylish modern one with a budget as low as $500 will add wow to the entire property. The replacements of any warn out part of the house do add value to a home. One can also paint an old door using oil-based paint will significantly improve its appearance. Ensure the front yard is tidy, and the lawns are well mowed, and there are no weeds in beds. If the gardens are bare, spark them up using garden mulch. Ensure the fence is in good condition by repairing parts that may be damaged. If the house number has faded over time, replace it with a new one, and add a letterbox. First ensure that any wood rot is taken care of by a super handyman, prior to any paint works.

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Update existing bathrooms and, if possible, add new ones. The spokesman of the Australian housing industry association, says the average number of washrooms in new dwellings has been increasing tremendously, and this is being reflected in the renovating market as well. There is now an average of 2.6 bathrooms in a new home.”
Set a specific budget when renovating or adding bathrooms in a property. It is always advisable to work with a fixed price so that you can identify the areas you need to focus on. If you don’t set a certain amount, you may end up overcapitalizing. Buyers and tenants prefer modern and updated bathrooms with clean, stylish fixtures and fittings.


Repainting a home often enhances its appearance. Using modern, stylish paints will add value to your property and maximize returns. Painting is one of the most powerful renovation tools that buyers often check before deciding to purchase a property. You can easily add life to an old, dull property by applying paint and make it look brand new. If you require any help with the color scheme, Wattyl has a color consultancy service that is affordable. They will not charge more than $200. Several paint shops provide excellent contemporary color pallets in their stores.


Construction companies advise property owners to update i=or replace their kitchen if they want to sell or auction their property. Having a modular kitchen is one of the most cost-effective ways to enliven a house or an apartment. A custom kitchen builder will supply and install cabinets and also offer a warranty. The cost of constructing a custom-made kitchen including plumbing, electrical and tiling work can be as little as $1000.apart from enhancing the appearance of a property, having a custom-made kitchen can add its value up to $60 000.
Properly designed bathrooms and kitchens offer convenience to buyers, as they do not have to do any work before moving in.

When buyers go to view a property, they often start imagining how it will look like living there. That is why renovating it to a good design is very crucial. In modern days, large kitchens with enough space for big fridges and ovens are being constructed, bringing out better dining experience.

Consistence in renovations is essential if you want to make good returns. It wouldn’t be logical to spend $9000 on kitchen hardware and have DIY cupboards. Just be realistic and open-minded.

Outdoor area

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Upgrading outdoor areas has become a trend in modern days. An alfresco area in the olden days was a patio. In recent days, outdoor areas offer relaxing spaces for the family and act as an extra all-weather, perfectly designed outdoor area will add the value of a home and increase the returns. Extroverted buyers prefer houses with excellent outdoor spaces, where they can spend time. Immediately they set their eyes on it, an image of them spending time there gets into their mind and may greatly fuel their willingness to buy the property, even at higher prices.
When renovating a property with the aim of reselling it, you should have a broad audience in mind. Do not only consider your personal taste and preferences since it is not you who will be living in the house. Customers have different tastes, and improving the most essential aspects of the property will increase the probability of getting a customer who will be willing to spend more on buying the property. No buyer wants to demand renovations after they have already purchased the property.

Poorly done DIY renovations on kitchens and bathrooms or any other area in the house will lower the value of a property and chase away potential customers. Always seek the services of handyman home improvement experts to renovate your property. Properly renovated properties have high resale values and attract customers within short time frames.

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